Sunday, October 14, 2007

These are just around the corner from our house. There will be a lot of "leaf" pictures here, but it you stick with it, you'll find a large bug with a bent stinger sitting on his new bike a little farther down the line I really love Fall colors, and they are just starting. This was done on October 11 and 12, 2007
Some of the trees are just starting to turn, others are in their prime. I'd say another week or so and it will be the best.
It's overcast today, if the sun was out, this would be glowing!
A nice red up behind the BAAC.
Reds down by the Bay Eye Clinic.
I saw these from 16th street.
A pretty bright tree near the Kawasaki shop in North Bend.
An old Redwood stump with a little "hair" on top. This is on 17th street
An apple tree on Oak street. These will probably go to waste, like so many.
A tree on Woodland Drive. I found out later there was a nicer one around the corner..oh well.
Red and Yellow, Happy Fellow!
Mighty pretty trees on Hwy 101, almost to Reedsport.
First stop of the trip, on highway 38. Needed to let my guard dog out for a few minutes.
Julie is out for a leg stretch. She found this little clump of moss and is trying to figure out if it's edible!
Near the school in Elkton, Oregon. These trees are a little late this year, in a couple of weeks they will be brilliant.
I thought the coast was pretty, but there are many beautiful leaves inland too.
I like this farm during almost all the seasons. It's on Hwy 38 just East of Elkton, Oregon
"Nagging Nellie" is a real wonder. I'm getting used to using the GPS a little, I'm just amazed at all it will do. I have the phone going to the Blue Tooth feature, so I just touch the screen to answer and talk, never have to touch the phone or wear a mic or anything.
Some of the yellow trees are so bright, it looks like they just glow.
There aren't many of these old sawdust and scrap burners still standing. Oregon used to have MANY of them in back in the 50's and 60's when all the saw mills were busy. The EPA shut them down a long time ago. Besides, nothing is burned or wasted anymore, everything is put to use from the Forest products.
A pretty little pasture near Drain, OR
I-5 I'm missing some good shots, hard to shoot out of the Dodge.
Friday afternoon, Oct 12, on I-5 near Eugene, Oregon.
When I went outside for the second time this morning, I could see that what I thought was rain earlier was just a thick, damp, cold Fog. The tree in Scorpion~'s front yard is very nice.
In a few minutes, this will roll off the trailer and find it's new home! It's a cold, wet, Washington morning.
Locked and loaded. It was a little tricky riding the NoClassEak up onto the trailer because the ramp was very slick in the fog. The Condor wheel chalk sure make it easier to tie down. I'm back in the Vulcan Family again!
The Old Man himself! Scorpion~ sits for the first time on his new ride. A 2002 FLHT Harley Electra Glide.
A cold, foggy morning. Julie and I are just leaving Scorpion~'s house.
Just can't get enough of the beauty.
Just more leaves.
This tree is so bright it almost glows! I took several pictures of it, most turned out real nice. I just used this one since the bike was in it.
Nice Red tree on Hwy 38
A pretty Fall wild flower .
Julie relaxing in the sunshine.
One block off Hwy 38 in Drain, Oregon
A tree in Drain, OR. Some of you will be going by this on the way to the WWR next July.
This is one of the 10 best motorcycle roads in the country, according to MC Consumer News several years ago.
Hiway 38.
The barge that dredges the ship channel, and supplies gravel to the Umpqua River Navigation Company.
Colors along the Umpqua River, Saturday evening, 13 Oct 07